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Corporate Culture ——People-oriented, Sincerely Cooperate
Corporate Value   A Realistic and Professional Approach to Striving for Superiority
Corporate Culture   People-oriented, Dedicated and Professional, Sincerely Cooperate
The market is the guide, R&D is the driving force, production is the support, innovation is the direction
Sustainable development   Eastchem pursues the sustainable development of employees, clients, society and nature, while also undertaking corporate social responsibility through scientific and technological innovation, and combining economic development and environmental protection. Through the improvement of three-waste process technology and process technology, the impact of chemical production on the environment is reduced, and a sustainable development path of healthy, safe and environmentally friendly products throughout the life cycle is created. Eastchem relies on a fully controllable, comprehensive and efficient quality management system, with professional solutions, R&D support and stable product supply, to create a high-quality customer experience, and have a relatively stable international customer base. While creating value, we also pay attention to the occupational health and safety of our employees, lay emphasis on and care about the growth of our employees, and strive to build a broad platform for their personal and professional development, to improve their quality of life and happiness.
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