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Scientific and Technological Innovation —— R&D Innovation, Scientific and Technological Cooperation

    As a designated pesticide production enterprise of the Ministry of Agriculture, Eastchem is widely engaged in the field of crop
    protection. We provide high-quality products that include fine chemicals, pesticide intermediates, and basic agrochemicals to
    the world. 80% of products are exported to more than 70 countries, and our services cover the world’s most important crop
    growing areas. We have realized a complete solution for the full cycle of crop services and are committed to becoming the
    world’s leading crop protection expert.

Eastchem has focused on the creation of new compounds, the optimization of synthesis routes, new biological pesticides,
clean production of environmentally friendly green technology, the utilization of three-waste as resources, and the rapid
R&D of preparations, and has achieved remarkable results. The company has invested a total of 250 million RMB and has
relatively complete R&D hardware equipment. Currently, a provincial-level organic chemistry engineering technology
research center and a union-level technology center have been built, with a new compound R&D laboratory, a synthesis
R&D laboratory, an engineering and technology laboratory, a preparation analysis and research laboratory, a biotechnology
laboratory, and a biological testing base. As the test base of the National key Laboratory and the research and production
base of Nankai University, we have long conducted close technical cooperation and exchanges with national chemical
scientific research institutions.

    Eastchem has a strong technical R&D team, a testing team, and a complete product system application team. There are 103
    Tech. and preparations that have been registered, and nearly 60 product registrations are in progress. We have established
    solid school-enterprise cooperative relations with Nanjing University of Science and Technology, Changzhou University and
    other universities and research institutes, jointly building R&D industry-leading trend products and providing a practical base
    for the transformation of advanced scientific research achievements in universities.

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