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  Eastchem held a celebration of July 1st
     theme day
    Love the Party, Dedication, and Struggle-Eastchem held a celebration of July 1st theme day
  The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural
     Affairs newly released and implemented
     the “Requirements for Registration
     Information of Target Herbicides for
     Genetically Modified Herbicide-resistant

  On June 29th, in order to celebrate the 101st anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, further promote the study and education of Party history, continue the revolutionary spirit of the Communists who never forget their original intention and move forward, and better guide newcomers to move closer to the organization and help the development of Eastchem, the Party Branch of Changzhou’s Eastchem and the Branch Committee of Jiangsu’s Lion Agrevo launched the theme activity named “Love the Party, Dedication, and Struggle” to celebrate the 1st of July. Party members, party activists, and newcomers to the company have successively walked into the Lion Agrevo’s production base, the Fan Qingxiang Struggle Information Exhibition Hall of the Fourth Soviet-Chinese Division, and the Lion Agrevo’s crop production base to gain an in-depth understanding of the manufacturing base, listen to the history of the struggle of the revolutionary martyrs, inherit the red spirit, and draw on the strength of struggle.

The participants first visited the Lion Agrevo’s chemical production base, went deep into the first line of manufacturing, and learned about the production, R&D, and operation status of the factory. They were also familiarized with production technology, equipment, and processing capacity, and got to have a deep experience of our company’s spiritual connotation of being down-to-earth, its hard work, and pursuit of continuous progress.
    In the Fan Qingxiang Struggle Materials Exhibition Hall of the Fourth Soviet-Chinese Division, party members relive their vows to join the Party, and through precious historical artifacts, touching historical photos, and sculptures, they feel that our Party has gone through a difficult revolutionary process and finally achieved victory through continuous struggle.

At the end of the activity, base leaders, a majority of party members, and newcomers held a discussion at Lion Agrevo. The party branch secretaries of the two sides, Li Jianxin, Shen Qingyan, Zhou Xiaojun, Gu Bin and other company leaders delivered speeches, welcoming newcomers to join Eastchem, and calling on Party members to drive newcomers to inherit the red gene in future work and study, keep in mind the original mission, work hard, pursue professional and political progress, pursue professional development with common progress in Party building, and work together with Eastchem towards achieving excellence.
      The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs newly released and implemented the
   “Requirements for Registration Information of Target Herbicides for Genetically Modified
     Herbicide-resistant Crops”

    To standardize the registration and management of target herbicides for genetically modified herbicide-resistant crops and ensure the safety and effectiveness of pesticides, in accordance with the “Regulations on Pesticide Administration”, “Measures for the Administration of Pesticide Registration”, “Measures for the Administration of Pesticide Registration Tests”, “Pesticide Registration Information Requirements” and other relevant regulations, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs issued Announcement No. 542 on March 25, 2022. The “Requirements for the Registration of Target Herbicides for Genetically Modified Herbicide-resistant Crops” shall take effect from the date of issuance, and the requirements that had previously been issued for the registration of herbicides for Genetically modified herbicide-resistant Crops shall be abolished.
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